What is Open Access Compliance?

The European Commission has published Guidelines to the Rules on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Open Access Research Data in Horizon2020 - the full documentation of the H2020 program is here, while a text summarizing article 29 can be found here.

    Under the Horizon2020 regulations, there is a mandate on open access to publications. “Each beneficiary must ensure open access to all peer-reviewed scientific publications relating to its results.“

      What does this mean for researchers? If you have received funding under Horizon2020, then you must provide open access to any scientific research papers that you have published.

        What happens if you and your research team are not in compliance?

        If a grant recipient does not comply with the regulations, that grant may be reduced according to Article 43 (here). This means that the EU could request a portion of the grant back from research groups if they are not in compliance.

        The Compliance Note

        What is it?

        The Open Access Compliance Note is the easiest way to make sure that you’re complying with your grant provider’s mandate. We know the open access details of your grant agreement, and we will ensure that your research is not in violation.

        The Compliance Note also shows your commitment to transparency, accessibility, and integrity in science.

        Why do I need it?

        You risk both grant reimbursement and exclusion from future funding if your work is not compliant with your funder's open access requirements. EU-funded researchers who fail to abide by specific open access policies may be bound to pay back up to 25% of the grant. Additionally, they can be excluded from future funding, as stated explicitly in H2020.

        How do I get it?

        Fill out the form below, make your payment, then upload your work. We will ensure that you are in compliance with every open access requirement detailed by your funder.

        • Fill out the form below

        • Pay the processing fee of €100

        • Upload your work

        • Receive your compliance note after verification

        Get your Open Access Compliance Note