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  • A large part of publicly funded research is trapped behind a paywall.
  • The cost to read a scientific journal can reach up to €20,000 a year.
  • Most research data financed with public money is not publically available.

In short, we don’t have full access to knowledge we already pay for. If access is available, we are often required to pay again.

    The mission of the United Academics Foundation is to connect science and society: creating a world where scientific research results are accessible for all, so that knowledge can easily spread and be built upon.


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    Louis Lapidaire

    Louis Lapidaire

    Rita Silva

    Rita Silva
    Editor-in-chief of UA Magazine

    Rita joined the United Academics' team as a student in Biomedical Sciences in Amsterdam. As of July 2016, she started her position of Editor-in-chief in UA Magazine, where she cooperates with a team of bloggers and editors to deliver the latest science news.

    Nesru Koroso

    Nesru Koroso
    Open Access Researcher

    Passionate about science and research. Nesru is currently researching and writing on Open Access for scholarly materials. His main ambition is to bridge the North-South knowledge gap. Nesru holds a Master degree in Geoinformation Science from University of Twente, Enschede.

    Lamunier Costa

    Lamunier Costa
    .NET Developer

    Erik Schoorl

    Erik Schoorl
    IT Admin