What is Horizon2020?

Horizon2020 is the European Union’s (EU) currently active funding program for research and innovation. It is a policy instrument to implement the EU’s high-level policy initiatives. It focuses on making funding available for research, technological development and innovation.

The program runs from 2014 – 2020. It has a budget of 80 billion euros. It funds projects through open and competitive calls for proposals. The program consists of three main research areas (pillars): Excellent Science (focuses on basic science), Industrial Leadership and Societal Challenges (solutions to social and economic problems). It has various schemes such as ERC, Euratom, Marie Curie etc. Besides, Horizon2020 funds small and medium enterprises (SME's).

Horizon2020 is a follow up of the previous program, called the Framework Program 7 (FP7).


Horizon2020 and open access

Research grant recipients subject to Horizon2020 are required to publish in open access journals or deposit a peer-reviewed version of their articles to an open access repository after the embargo period. Read more about the specific Horizon2020 open access requirements here.