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We have a dedicated team that works hard to ensure that everyone, everywhere, no matter their circumstances, has the ability to access the information they need. We operate on a shoestring budget, while refusing to sell our user’s data or embed useless advertisements in our site. That’s why we’re asking each user to send us a small donation if they enjoy what we offer- so that we can continue to expand our library and make your experience better and better!

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Donate! You’re helping a good cause become greater. With each donation, our code gets a little cleaner, our metadata gets a little better organized, and our database grows just a little bit more. Basically, we’re able to pay our developers to work hard to make sure that your experience is as helpful as it can be.


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Love the library? Become a member! Members enjoy access to our community portal in the library. Currently, it’s possible to save interesting papers in your own personal ‘bookshelf’, and upload your own research to the library. Members are also automatically subscribed to our Open Access newsletter.


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For researchers working on H2020 projects, United Academics, our foundation, offers a service that ensures researchers are compliant with all Open Access regulations as laid out in article 29. Proceeds from this note go towards the costs of running the service- but researchers are also asked to upload their papers to the library.